First: laces

We specialized in having massive and high quality laces machines

It can make machining to works dimension reach 7000 mm in length and 900 mm diameter begin from 5 mm to 1150 mm with length reach 5m and high accuracy our products made according to customer need or according to required samples


Second: shapers processes

We specialized with having carriage shaper with open sides which enable us to do our works which reach 3000mm width and 4000 mm length with high quality on the length of racing work and do grinding on work with shaper if customer need

Third: milling     

In milling part we have ability to do any type of gears with different diameters and dc slots with high accuracy and from different materials


Fourth: grinding

In grinding part we specialize with having surface grinding with dimension reach from 300 mm to 600 mm dimension of work reach to and cylindrical reach to 350 mm diameter and 1200 mm length with accuracy reach 0.001 mm and grinding splot and filtes that required do grinding on glass surface

Contact Info

Area "321" A&B Ataka Industry Zone
Suez, Egypt

T +2012 233 34 592  /  +201200285505 / +201288898
F +2062 335 71 95

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