Welcome to GM Company for metal forming, machining and metal constructions industries

It is one of Egyptian's metal working companies, providing and delivering a comprehensive service to the construction industries

The company offers breadth of experience within the construction industry through its selection of quality personnel and stability of relationship, not only with the company but also with the supply chain

GM has three business branches fabrication, machining, installing & maintenance applications in heavy industrial fields:

  • Cement building materials
  • Ceramics
  • Steel plants
  • Ship yards
  • Power plants
  • Mining
  • Chemicals plants
  • Fertilizers& animal feeds
  • Food industries
  • Researches studies

Our products

Metal construction and working with all types and sizes, Metal assembly,working, forming ,grinding and welding

Quality elements

GM target is the quality that can meet the Egyptian markets needs during its coming extensive industrial growth and its unprecedented interactive relations with local and multinational industrial companies

Human resources

Investing in technology and human resources is one of our main believers GM is always eager to hire caliber for managerial and personnel levels as well as skilled labors.

Quality control & inspection

According to their application our products are subjected to a continuous quality control through our quality department.
The quality control department controls all manufacturing processes starting from checking the raw materials up to packaging and dispatching the products to ensure the quality of the products .
This is executed in accordance to customers specifications and requirements.

Planning &Scheduling

Our management team is capable to organize, planning, schedule and integrate all individual elements of the projects and complete the work within budget and schedule.

Contact Info

Area "321" A&B Ataka Industry Zone
Suez, Egypt

T +2012 233 34 592  /  +201200285505 / +201288898
F +2062 335 71 95

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