Our History

GM Company was established in 2005 in this period our company contact with more companies for mechanical contractors and heavy industrial service fields (steel ,ceramics ,building materials ,electrical towers ,chemicals, crushers , mining , shipyard , power plants , research studies )

Such as UDHE , IMSA , KNAUF , national company for steel industry , Arab contractors company , Vinavil company for chemicals , Cleopatra for ceramics , EZZ steel , Suez steel , Siag sewedy for tower production , Suez ship yard company , Eyoon Mosa power plant. and   represented by Eng. Gaber Mohamed Ismail.                            

ABECO company originated in 1996 and participated in the petroleum services all over the country. Abeco is a Multidisciplinary Contractor specialized in providing EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction ) basically to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power Industries. Services provided extend also to cover Major Infrastructure and Building Projects, With a proud history. represented by Mr. Ahmed benbella Ahmed.

ABECO GM Services Company is a federation of each company Abeco petroleum services power stations co. and GM Company for Metal Constructionsand Trade.

The union starts in 2014 to become ( abeco gm for petroleum services power stations co.)


Contact Info

Area "321" A&B Ataka Industry Zone
Suez, Egypt

T +2012 233 34 592  /  +201200285505 / +201288898
F +2062 335 71 95

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