Equipment List

The company has a sufficient number of diesel welding machines And generators of high capacity and transes welding,winches with different loadings and scaffolding.

And other hand tools to end the business assigned to us.

with this merge the company have an operational capabilities include the manufacturing site and the fabrication of the 6000-square-meter site Ataka Suez, with three hangars are equipped with the necessary equipment to make piping and steel structure plus Overhead cranes with 10 ten tons capacity , and Enormous capabilities of the equipment and machinery allows the company to deal with all the business of construction and combinations with ease and speed of implementation and the highest quality

The company has a comprehensive workshop equipped to fabricate storage tanks parts, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and steel structures such as:

  • Bending rollers
  • Manipulator on rails
  • Cutting machine (Auto)
  • Welding machine (Manual)
  • Lath machine (Large)
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Hock saw cutting
  • Plasma cutting machine
  • Guntri crane 10 tons
  • Expanders (pneumatic) with all
  • accessories
  • Air compressor
  • Various tools
  • Diesel Generator 100 KVA
  • Fresa CNC
  • CNC


Contact Info

Area "321" A&B Ataka Industry Zone
Suez, Egypt

T +2012 233 34 592  /  +201200285505 / +201288898
F +2062 335 71 95

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